At first, I was trying stay away from them, but I have discovered the restricted items. Oh my goodness, do these things make getting through the diet day so much easier!!! 

There are a variety of items on the Ideal Protein menu that are known as "Restricted" items. Cranberry Pomegranate bar, caramel nut bar, chocolate soy puffs, Southwest cheese curls, chocolate soy puffs... They sound delicious and they are delicious. It feels like cheating, but they actually count as an Ideal Protein food! I've been saving these items for my after dinner snack. Having a tasty, sweet treat to look forward to all day is a great motivator... and a reward! I can only eat one restricted a day, but the fact they are allowed at all makes me happy enough! I would eat these things any time, diet or no. Freaking delicious!

ALSO!!! I did a weigh-in last week! Check my stats...
-5.5 lbs
-2 inches off waist
-1 inch off arm
-1 inch off hips
-1 inch off thigh


I'm not going to lie, day two was the worst!! Getting rid of all the sugar in your body is like going through detox! But I made it and I'm feeling more like myself... Maybe because I started my day with Butterscotch Pancakes?!? They were pretty delicious and apparently there is a line of sugar free/calorie free dressings and dips (Walden Farms)... they have pancake syrup!!  I'm not used to eating breakfast so early, but eating something so tasty really helps!

I'm feeling a little tired, but I am not hungry. All the provided meals are pretty satisfying since they are packed with protein.... Plus, I've had to kick my water intake into high gear, which makes me feel fuller.

Last night, I had baked halibut with lemon and dill with roasted broccoli. I love being able to make something different for dinner each night. The night before, I sautéed some chicken and mushrooms. Tonight, I'm planning to have baked chicken with roasted asparagus and garlic.  Dinner is definitley my favorite, because I get to cook and experiment with recipes (one of my favorite things to do, on diet or off). I don't think my stomach even knows I'm on a diet.

Thanks for all the support!  Let me know if you have any questions about Ideal Protein, or if you have any good recipes for me to try!  Check out my favorite roasted broccoli recipe below!

2 cups raw broccoli florets
1 teaspoon olive oil
yellow mustard and/or dry mustard (to taste)
salt (to taste)

Heat oven to 425. Place LIGHTLY greased baking sheet in oven to warm.  Mix ingredients together in a bowl, lightly coating broccoli with mustard/olive oil mixture.  Remove baking sheet from oven and immediately pour broccoli onto the sheet (you should hear a sizzle) and spread evenly.  Place in oven and cook for 15-30 minutes (depending on oven). I like to check them every 10 minutes and give them a stir. When complete, you should have crispy, crunchy broccoli florets for a delicious and HEALTHY treat!


~~Wish me luck! I've started the IDEAL PROTEIN system. I have a few lbs I'd like to shed, I'd like to tone up and get my body fat percentage down a few points. I work out fairly regularly, but I've been wanting to incorporate a diet to get faster results.

A co-worker has lost several pounds on Ideal Protein and she convinced me to try it. Honestly, I'm a little worried... I've never done a program type diet because I like food. I enjoy cooking and I enjoy eating... Like actually chewing solid foods rather than drink all my meals through a straw.

This program however, seems to be built for success. I meet with an advisor/counselor every week to measure and weigh, I watch short coaching videos every day to keep me motivated and get program approved recipe ideas and the variety of items on the Ideal Protein shelf is extensive! The stuff actually sounds tasty... Pineapple Banana Drink, Garlic and Herb chips, Butterscotch Pudding (which apparently can be made into WAFFLES?!?!), Chicken A La King... the list goes on.

I'll let you know how it goes... as it goes. I hear the first few days are the toughest, but I'm going in positive!

Have you ever done any protein diets?

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