Johnny Depp is currently in Australia filming the fifth installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean" (even though they probably should have stopped after the second).  Upon arrival in Australia, Johnny and new wife Amber Heard decided NOT to declare their two Yorkie dogs when going through customs, and smuggled the pooches into the country.  Usually dogs are quarantined for 10 days to make sure they aren't carrying any foreign disease that could effect Australia's ecosystem.  Since Johnny and Amber decided to skip the quarantine, Australia's Agriculture Minister says the dogs must leave the country immediately, or be put down!

It does seem a bit drastic, but what?  Johnny Depp couldn't afford to board them or pay someone to dog sit?  Dude owns his own private island in the Caribbean!  You'd think there would be something in the budget for pet care.

Seventeen year old Kylie Jenner has been dating 25 year old Tyga since September and her appearance has changed drastically in recent months.  Kylie quickly went from beautiful girl style to looking like a street walker trying to make her rent on time.  Reportedly, Kylie's mother and family actually DO care that their daughter may be headed down the wrong path.  Sources say the family thinks Tyga's friends are "enablers" and that he will have a "negative impact on her decision making."

No kidding.

If your 17 year old daughter is:

A. spending a great deal of time on a tour bus (where ANYTHING goes) and
B. dating a hip hop star who is known for rapping about very adult situations and keeps company with some less than reputable characters,

you should be worried... EIGHT MONTHS AGO.

The NFL doled out the punishment in the "deflate gate" scandal, fining the New England Patriots $1 million, as well as taking away their first round draft pick in 2016 AND their fourth round pick in 2017.  The Patriots locker room guys responsible for actually deflating the game balls have been suspended without pay indefinitely and ole Tom Brady got hit too... He's been suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2015 season.

You may remember, Ray Rice was suspended for just two games after beating his wife unconscious... ON VIDEO.  To say the NFL has its standards and priorities mixed up is an understatement.

The 15th season of American Idol will begin in January and FOX has announced it will be the show's final season.  Through 14 years, 12 celebrity judges and countless guest artist appearances, host Ryan Seacrest and American Idol have helped make the careers of such superstars as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, ...

Many viewers are disappointed and saddened by the news of the show's cancellation.  Me?  I was surprised by the news that American Idol hadn't already been cancelled.

Last time she was in court, Lindsay Lohan was ordered to complete an additional 125 hours of community service by the end of May because the previous hours Lohan claimed to have worked included signing autographs and meeting fans (complete malarkey).  That deadline is swiftly approaching and Lohan has reportedly completed less than TEN hours of service with more bull-poop activities.  Lohan logged hours for posting photos to the London community service organization's Facebook page... from the comfort of her own apartment.  She didn't even leave the house!  If Lohan doesn't complete her 125 hours of service by May 28th, prosecutors are going to ask for an arrest warrant.

Lindsay, put on a t-shirt, some old shorts and a pair of sneakers, get yourself an orange vest and a poking stick and start picking up trash on the side of the road!  Get on those hours and get them done!  Doing a little real work won't kill you... it will probably do you some good!  I cannot say the same about jail time. 

The "Deflate Gate" investigation results are in and according to the findings, it is "more probable than not" that the New England Patriots personnel were involved in releasing air from the Patriots game balls in the AFC Championship game.  Investigators also say, "it is more probable than not" that quarterback Tom Brady was at least "generally aware" of these inappropriate activities.  The report cites that Patriots personnel received some valueable autographed items from Brady the week before the game AND when people started getting suspicious about the game balls, the involved Patriots staff began calling and texting Brady at a "significantly increased frequency."  Investigators did NOT find any link of this shady-ness to Coach Belichick or Patriots owner Robert Kraft, but the NFL is currently weighing its options on disciplinary actions against the Patriots.

I'm hoping we'll have a Summer Super Bowl do-over game.  Indiana vs Seattle!

Honestly, I don't really care about the game... I just want a legitimate excuse to eat a bunch of junk food and drink beer.

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