Country Living

My wife and I recently moved out to Madison County and we LOVE IT! We are on a few acres of land, have a pond, and life is great!

Oh, except for all the insects and every other wildlife around us! I came home one day last week to a BAT on the side of my house.

This thing was eye level and scared the crap out of me. I didn't mess with it as I know it eats "skeeters" as some of my relatives say. Yesterday, I got bit by a horsefly! Oh, and pretty sure Bigfoot lives near by given the screams and roars I here in the woods nearby. I have yet to see the first snake and I'm happy for that. When we do, we'll probably put the house up for sale. Thanks to all of those pics that have surfaced on Facebook, I constantly have a fear of going to the bathroom because all I can picture is a snake jumping out of the toilet bowl and biting me where the sun don't shine. Ahhh, country livin'!

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