Hey guys and gals my name Carson or as my family knows me Kevin Carson Case. I’ve been here in Jackson over 6 years and LOVE IT HERE! Being from Omaha, Nebraska I don’t have to deal with snow (very often), really really really cold temps, and ice down here. Over the years I’ve had many different jobs but fell in LOVE with radio when I was 16. The BEST part of my job each and every day is getting to talk to you! I love meeting new people and finding out about them, a BIG TIME movie nerd, my favorite TV show is ‘Suits’ on USA, and plain and simple am a pretty dorky guy. Probably why I’m still single… HA! Anyways thanks for checking out my page and taking the time to read my blog! Hope to chat with you soon.  
When it comes to your partner cheating, I don't believe there are any definitive clues. He could be working late, or he could be cheating late. He could be dressing up for you -- or his mistress. That's what makes this type of thing so confusing and hurtful. When you trust your spouse, you trust his explanations. But there are always certain things that get our antennae up. They don't seem to change much over the years, though with the advent of technology, those little hints now seem to involve a lot more cellphones and social media and a lot less lipstick on the collar (unless you're President Obama). Here are 10 classic signs your guy (or your woman) might be cheating... FIND OUT THE SIGNS BY CLICKING THE PICTURE.

Is your style of humor a turn on or turnoff?

A recent study of eHarmony members found that sense of humor is the most desirable quality both men and women want in a romantic partner. That got us to wondering…does your style of humor make you any more or less attractive to the opposite sex? Read more by clicking the pic... 

I wish I could find the time to put things like this together... THIS IS AWESOME!
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