Secret Sound

Listen up!  The Y101 Secret Sound is your chance to win some serious money!

Every weekday, five times a day, listen for the Secret Sound cue to call.  Be caller number 10 at 601-995-1017 to take a guess and try to identify the Secret Sound.

If you can identify the Secret Sound, you’ll win all the money in the money vault!

For every incorrect guess, we’ll ADD money to the money vault.

Listen for Y101 Secret Sound clues each weekday at 8:20am, 12:20pm and 5:20pm!

 To find CLUES AND WRONG GUESSES … just download the Y101 Morning Showgram App and click “CONTEST”

Download Our App. For Apple CLICK HERE. For Android CLICK HERE.

If you already have the App, great!  Just click “CONTEST.”

Good Luck!