This new swimsuit costs $380 … & you CANNOT swim in it!

Ridiculous … right?

Gucci’s new swimsuit, has a few people shaking their heads.

The fashion brand’s new all-in-one suit is white with Gucci’s iconic logo and sells for $380. And while it may look stylish, apparently you can’t actually wear it in a pool. That’s right, the item’s description notes, “Due to the nature of this particular fabric, this swimsuit should not come into contact with chlorine.”

One UK store suggests buyers “wear it with skirts, denim and anything high-rise,” and while that may sound ridiculous, apparently a lot of folks are okay with that, since the suit is already sold out.

As you can imagine, Twitter has been left baffled by Gucci’s non-swimmable swimsuit, with one person noting, “I swear Gucci is baiting the world. £290 for a SWIMSUIT that literally says in the product details that you can’t even wear it to swim in.”