Does Lindsay Lohan WANT to go to jail?

Last time she was in court, Lindsay Lohan was ordered to complete an additional 125 hours of community service by the end of May because the previous hours Lohan claimed to have worked included signing autographs and meeting fans (complete malarkey).  That deadline is swiftly approaching and Lohan has reportedly completed less than TEN hours of service with more bull-poop activities.  Lohan logged hours for posting photos to the London community service organization’s Facebook page… from the comfort of her own apartment.  She didn’t even leave the house!  If Lohan doesn’t complete her 125 hours of service by May 28th, prosecutors are going to ask for an arrest warrant.

Lindsay, put on a t-shirt, some old shorts and a pair of sneakers, get yourself an orange vest and a poking stick and start picking up trash on the side of the road!  Get on those hours and get them done!  Doing a little real work won’t kill you… it will probably do you some good!  I cannot say the same about jail time.